Do you want to save money on your energy bills? Well, there is a simple way to do this – just change your energy habits! In our latest article, David Kaiser Custom Construction (DKCC) shares some tips on how to save money on your energy bill and “go green” when it comes to energy consumption. Plus – DKCC passes along an important resource on how to cash in on rebates given for energy-saving home improvements.

Most consumers think saving energy equates simply to turning off lights, but there is more that can be done! Here are some tips:

  • Replace old appliances: By upgrading to an ENERGY STAR appliance, you can save up to 15-20% on your energy bill. When shopping, look for the ENERGY STAR symbol on stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, laundry machines and water heaters.
  • Fixing air leaks: Check the weather stripping on your doors, your air ducts and windows for leaks and attics and floors for loose seams. Fixing possible air leaks can restore your home’s warm or cool air passages.
  • Powering off: Home electronics consumes 75% power while they are off – interesting fact, huh? You can prevent this by using power strips, unplugging battery chargers and turning off switches to cut power to electronic devices.
  • Cool your house naturally: Shading your house by planting a tree outside of a window and using white window shades, shutters and drapes or blinds can save you up to 25% on cooling costs.
  • Windows and ceilings: Consider installing ceiling insulation and new energy efficient, insulated windows to lock in warm and cool air. These materials protect your home and reduce operating costs.

Not only can money be saved by implementing the tips above, recent home improvements may qualify for cash back in your pocket. You can get educated about such rebate programs through the California Energy Commission Web site.

The criteria to be eligible for a rebate varies so be sure to read the fine print and fill out your rebate form correctly. Often times, consumers must work with a licensed California contractor in order to complete the rebate process. Be sure that you are hiring a contractor that is knowledgeable about the latest in building materials and appliances that will qualify you for a rebate. DKCC has provided a good list of questions to ask yourself before you hire a contractor on our Web site. Not only are we well experienced in working with clients in order to fulfill the requirements and cash in on these rebate programs, we specialize in installing energy-saving materials correctly and efficiently.