When you get the idea to remodel any part of your home, or all of it, a great place to start is to define what you want. Do this by letting yourself…IMAGINE.

One of the most exciting parts of the remodeling process is the CREATIVE part! Don’t hold yourself back, you can scale back or make decisions that are based on other considerations later. You will be surprised on what is out there that can accommodate all your needs and wants, but you won’t know if you can get all that you desire if you haven’t even put that dream scenario together. Just tell yourself, “This or something better”, and release the outcome. You will find that you will experience your desire or something better.

Places to visit:

Bookstore: to browse a variety of magazines on design, remodeling, building, decorating, etc.

Showrooms: to check out appliances and fixtures, see how things look together, and get a feel for what details are important to you.

Online: checkout out interior decorator sites, landscaping design sites, home builder sites, home remodeling sites, etc.