Function, performance issues, scope, size, layout and space planning are all integrated pre-design issues in a remodeling project that are essential to address, especially if you want your project to be “green” every step of the way. When these aspects are carefully considered, you not only get all your desires and needs met for your living space but you can have a positive impact on the interior and exterior environment of your home, allowing for a much more healthy living space inside and out.

It is crucial to integrate every aspect of your home’s function into every project no matter how much remodeling you plan on doing, for one minor change affects the whole ecosystem of your home, how you live in it, and the footprint it leaves on earth. Utilizing the expertise of a seasoned contractor brings all the teams together on any project and orchestrates them to work together in the most efficient way possible, makes the process enjoyable, and ultimately creates a space you will want to live in for a long time.