Universal Design

Universal design states that your home should be accessible to all people, regardless of age or ability. Take the principles of universal design to outfit your bathroom with elements that make using the space [...]

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Step Outside

The kitchen is the heart of your home so why not take advantage of the beautiful San Diego weather and create an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens create a great space for entertaining. With a [...]

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Is Your Home Truly “Finished”?

Whether you've lived in your home for one year or half a life time, everyone knows that a home is never "finished." As one of your primary investments, keeping your home updated is important [...]

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Are You Still In the DARK ??

Power outages equal lost data, downed computers, frustrated home business owners, dead phones, spoiled meat, stuck garage doors, and more. By simply planning ahead now, you will become "enlightened" when your neighbors are left in [...]

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